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 Topic:  Chili Bar Park & The Slate Mine 

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Chili Bar Park
Posted: Jun 9, 2012Post Subject: Chili Bar Park & The Slate Mine
FYI the old mine (river left up stream of Chili Bar Park) is back in business. If you are so inclined to park over there to avoid user fees at our park. Beware and do not park in front of the chain link fence or in the area to the right of the gate. They may have you towed. They are open 7 days a week various hours.

ARC are the owners & managers of the shoreline and easement at Chili Bar Park. As always your fees help us preserve the river land that we all love.

These funds we raise by our users at Chili Bar go to maintain our park & river conservation. Day use fees are $6.00 for 1 person & car plus $3.00 for each additional persons using our park. Everyone pays a user fee - NO EXCEPTIONS.

Season passes are for sale at our booth or online in our book store at www.arconservancy.org

If you still do not want to pay the user fees & want to put in at the mine. You can pay just a parking fee of $3.00 and park in the upper lot at Chili Bar. You will need to access the river from the mine if you are doing this.

Thanks to your patronage, the American River Conservancy since 1989 has acquired 12,400 acres of fisheries, wildlife habitat and recreational lands along the South Fork of the American River.
Forums -> General -> Chili Bar Park & The Slate Mine Page 1 of 1