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 Topic:  number 1 shower head siphon 

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Posted: Jul 30, 2012Post Subject: number 1 shower head siphon
so with the water levels dropping I entered the shower head to number 1 and realized there is now a siphon at low flows which sucked the stern of my boat down and is now stuffed deep in the siphon. please do not attempt to take this line any longer until further notice. Also on a half good note while out there we decided to cut the log out of jaws on number 1 we managed to do so however the log decided to stick itself upright 10 feet downstream of last hole at the bottom of jaws it id dead center in the runout of the rapid. The suggested line is far left. we will remove at a later date. in the middle photo you can see the wood at the bottom of jaws in the bottom right side of the photo

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Posted: Jul 30, 2012
Thanks for your post and cutting that log out of the top of # 1.Sorry about your boat,looks like a scary situation hope no one got hurt.
Posted: Aug 6, 2012Post Subject: Burnt Ranch hazard
The boat was removed from the showerhead slot on BRG #1.
The showerhead is no longer a mellow line, take the wider slot to the left, "jaws."
At the bottom of jaws still stands the vertical 10 " log.
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