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 Topic:  China Bar Park n' Play Question. 

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Posted: Mar 31, 2013Post Subject: China Bar Park n' Play Question.
Happy Easter. Can someone please hook me up with beta on China Bar? I live a ways away and wanna swing in and get some surf, but don't know when the features come in. What kind of play is there to be had? What flows? I saw some amazing photos from Darin at high flows, but I'm guessing we won't be seeing 20-25 grand this year. Any info. would be great. ~ peace ~
Posted: Apr 3, 2013Post Subject: park n' play
I was there a couple of weeks ago at 1500 cfs combined north and middle, and there were 3 surf spots, one similar to triple threat's on chili bar run, one bigger, and one smaller.
middle fork releases have been up past few days, will be great this weekend if that continues. for current surf conditions, call Guy at Sierra Outdoor Center, 530-885-1844
Posted: Apr 6, 2013Post Subject: Park n' Play
Thanks a lot Tony. I really appreciate that valuable information. I didn't even think to call Guy. Hope to meet you on the water a day....the take-out beer is on me. I usually paddle chamberlain with Len & Snap.

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Forums -> General -> China Bar Park n' Play Question. Page 1 of 1