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 Topic:  Hazard - Update on Sieve Below Bogus Thunder 

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Posted: Feb 23, 2014Post Subject: Hazard - Update on Sieve Below Bogus Thunder
The sieve located downstream of Bogus Thunder that caused problems in 2013 has undergone some changes. The good news is that the mass of logs that obstructed the sieve is now gone. The bad news is that now a lot more water is passing through the sieve. At lows flows (330 cfs on the Clementine gauge) a guard rock is exposed on the left bank that makes avoiding the sieve a bit more challenging. I would advise scouting at low flows. At 600 cfs the sieve is easier to avoid but there still is much more water passing through the sieve than it was last year at the same flow. Be careful!!!

Here are some links to videos I took on 2/22/14 with the Lake Clementine gauge reading 330 cfs.




Jeff W
Posted: Feb 24, 2014Post Subject: NFA sieve
Thanks for the vids Jeff. The pictured sieve is about 100 yards UPSTREAM of Bogus. I was on the river last week at 680 cfs and it wasn't an issue, I would say that if this hazard as it is now is difficult for a paddler to avoid then said paddler shouldn't be on a class IV river. More water makes this hazard easier to avoid.

I'm looking foreword to huge rain storms and giant snow packs, I just know it gonna happen!

Shaman 12
Posted: Feb 24, 2014Post Subject: Sieve no more
The logs are gone. It's no longer a sieve, there's plenty of room for a swimmer and kayak to pass through. the "guard rock" in the vicinity has been there for years, only exposed at these very low flows. Paddle around it. One option would be starting right and ferrying across. It's a class II move. I was there yesterday at 300cfs and did not observe any apparent danger, and the water was gorgeous.
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