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 Topic:  Brush in Tenmile Creek 

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Posted: Jan 11, 2016Post Subject: Brush in Tenmile Creek
On 1/9/16 seven of us ran Tenmile Creek to So Eel and down to Big Bend Lodge. Flow was good in So Eel ~2200 cfs (Leggett) and even good enough in Tenmile, however, there was a lot of brush in Tenmile, as well as, some brush in the main stem. The brush was even more "heinously lame" than on previous runs. It mostly hadn't taken hold in the class IV rapids, but the in-between, smaller rapids were grown over to the point where we ended up portaging around several. Oh did I mention a Dagger kayak wrapped around some brush in one of these rapids? The end result was that it took us 3 hours to get down Tenmile. This left about 2.5 hours of daylight to finish the last 9-10 miles of the run. Luckily, we had few adventures on the rest of the run and by paddling fast were able to get off before dark. Itís kind of impractical running this stretch, but any attempt should be made allowing extra time to get down Tenmile Creek. Good news is there arenít any new large log hazards.
Forums -> Hazards -> Brush in Tenmile Creek Page 1 of 1