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 Topic:  Log strainer at Nightmare Island 

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Posted: Apr 18, 2016Post Subject: Log strainer at Nightmare Island
There is a log strainer in the right channel of Nightmare Island. It is on the far right outside of the curve against the right shore (which is a vertical cliff). The log is about ten feet long, 16 inches diameter and broached from the right wall to a midstream rock which makes the main drop in the rapid. It is also right up against a midstream willow bush.

That right side of the right side of Nightmare in never a good place to be, but right now it is treacherous. The left side of the channel on the right of the island is still good, just make sure to make your move—and do not swim up high in the rapid.

Rising water may dislodge this but until then watch out on the right run.

I was removing a broached log lower on the river when this hazard was reported to me. There is plenty of wood in the river this year.

David—BLM River Ranger
Forums -> Hazards -> Log strainer at Nightmare Island Page 1 of 1