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 Topic:  4th July wknd - Nobody Home? 

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Posted: Jul 5, 2016Post Subject: 4th July wknd - Nobody Home?
We were shocked to say the least, when we pulled into Cedar Flat Sat (July 2nd) to rig our boats (Sotar 14' paddle R2 & 16' Cat)at around 9am. When most of our regular group bailed on us earlier in the week, I told my son Ryan (Hoeck) and his buddy Matt Steele, that there would be plenty of kayakers and probably several paddle boats filled with local outfitter guides and maybe some trainees. The flows were ideal 2200cfs, dropping a 100cfs or so that day and each day after. Nada, Nobody, No one showed, we launched an hour or so later at 2050-2100cfs ...

I'll keep it short, it was an absolute blast, no flips no swimmers! About 3.5hrs to Hawkins Bar w/one scout at #2 and lunch at the New River. Ryan lead most of the way as he had pre-scouted BRF1,2&3 the day before. Even if you know the run w/several trips under your belt, you need to be on your game, and hit your lines at BRF1,2,3 (lead-in to Jaws/#1 is pushy and don't run left at #3)and max power at Oragami Otherwise the rest of the run IMHO, is actually easier and more fun than typically run flows (12-1600cfs?)

Classic lines (verbal) of the day ...
1) very causual - "My paddle broke" (BRF#2)
2) "Pickup that trash" (middle of #3)
3) "Look a deer takin a nap" (roadkill? from above)

Classic you had to be there, never laughed so hard in the "thick-of-it" ... Hope to see ya next year, a river this beautiful needs to be shared by many more than just the 3 of us
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