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 Topic:  Tree across whole river 

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Posted: Oct 31, 2016Post Subject: Tree across whole river
We put in below Indian Falls, as usual. Maybe 1.5 miles into the run, there is a tree spanning the river. We call that the "Limbo Log." We tend to float under it on far river right. Then there is a great boof ledge in the center of the river. Then one usuall works to the far river right and near a log entering the river diagonally from shore. There now is a 100 foot+ tree spanning shore to shore. Some of it is in the water, some is high enough on right for a kayak to shoot under. A raft would be unlikely, especially with the sharp broken branches everywhere. We pushed our raft over it just left of center. I would guess the log is semi-permanent. It looks happy there.
Posted: Nov 3, 2016Post Subject: Tree Across Whole River
We put in well downstream of this new river-wide log on Wednesday November 2, but I went up to look at it after our run. The log can be seen from the road while driving in the upstream direction. The log is one mile below the Indian Springs river access, between the rapids "Nose Up" and "S-Turn" described in the AWetState write-up. At 380 cfs, the bottom of the log was just above the water surface everywhere except on river left, where it appeared that it might be high enough for a kayaker to duck under, but there is another log jutting out from shore there that complicates matters. As the water is fairly continuous here, it is best to stop and take a close look at this obstacle before putting in anywhere above it.
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