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 Topic:  2017 April 15 Gauge / Flow Observations. 

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Posted: Apr 17, 2017Post Subject: 2017 April 15 Gauge / Flow Observations.
On 4-15-2017 Dreamflows reported 5.68 near Greenfield and 397cfs near Soledad. Visual Reading of the gauge near Greenfield indicated 5.23 - so the on-line gauge is not reporting accurately, at least at this gauge height. While the flow at the day use area appeared on the lower side, and Santa Lucia Creek also looked too low to paddle in, we found the flow to be a solid medium flow. (also noted a log blocking at least part of the channel on Santa Lucia Creek midway down) The visible rapids from the trail, #1 Recirculator, and #2 at and below Santa Lucia, appeared to have plenty of water from the trail. Once at the put in, the "double rock" we often use as a visual "gauge" point was submerged, flows were good. All three of us successfully ran Recirculator, I received a nice tailstand with a 180 (in a hardshell) and remained upright while the two IK's pushed through with some paddling. The remaining rapids were well covered, and we moved fairly quickly through them, (going right at the split rapid) but there were plenty of eddies available. Mucho had several lines available, with one IK maneuvering to the far left and running the higher flake, while the other IK and myself ran the left side of the main channel. I was able to catch the eddy below the drop on river right without too much difficulty, and Bill was able to catch the eddy on the left after running the left side. All and all a great day on the Arroyo Seco and a great Medium Flow (in our opinion). Have Fun and please report your gauge/ flow experiences as there seem to be changes after major water events each season.
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