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 Topic:  Log Just Above Big Springs 

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Bill Cross
Posted: Apr 14, 2018Post Subject: Log Just Above Big Springs
There is a log blocking 90% of the river in a Class II rapid about 100 yards upstream from Big Springs. It's located roughly a mile downstream from the Pine Tree Hollow put-in. After a long straightaway the river curves left and the log comes into view. It's right at river level at today's flow (1,060 cfs acc. to Dreamflows). You can't see Big Springs at this point so don't use that as a landmark -- you won't see Big Springs until shortly after you're past this log. Today there was a tight approx 6-foot wide opening on the far left, between the tip of the log and the left shore. (See photo.) Willows along the left shore complicate the situation. As flows drop, this opening will get narrower. I recommend you pull over on the left well above the log and scout.
Posted: Jul 6, 2018Post Subject: Thanks Bill!
Thanks for heads up Bill! WE are heading out this morning with a crew of aging WWV folks and their now adult offspring. I'll update this evening. Also - we are all heading down to Happy Camp in the morning for a 5 day reunion run. Come join us...
Posted: Aug 21, 2018Post Subject: Log update
Is the log still in play?

Also, I looked at the 'alternate' put in downriver last year. It looked pretty awful. Any beta on where one should go down the cliffs, and if it is really feasible with a small raft and/or IK's? Thanks.
Posted: Aug 22, 2018Post Subject: update
As of July 6 there were not one, but two logs across the river. the first has passage far river left. The second one required a fairly easy portage on river left. Both have consequences. Stay left.

The"alternate' access. used to require either 4wd around a gate or a 1/4 mile carry to cliff top above first springs. Possibly worth it to avoid approx 1 mile of very low water. The low water mile is ok for IK's & hardshells. Do able in a 10' paddle raft (mini-me) with lots of rock dragging. Impossible in bigger rafts.
Posted: Jun 6, 2019Post Subject: Re: Log Just Above Big Springs
As of 6/5/19 the logs are now gone. There are no major obstructions on stretch from forest service putin to lake takeout. (Unless you count the long paddle out!). Great creek.
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