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 Topic:  Wood on Squaw Valley Creek 

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Posted: Jan 13, 2019Post Subject: Wood on Squaw Valley Creek
Wood has often been a minor issue on Squaw Valley Creek into the McCloud, but this last summer the Hirz Fire burned to the river's edge. Fire fighters dropped hundreds of trees on the right bank of the Squaw Valley Creek, and many of them are across the riverbed. We had very low flow and only two log portages, yet ducked ~10 logs that would pose significant hazard at higher flows.

No logs are on the McCloud yet, but a high water event could change that.

We had 1500 on the gauge when we put in and 1300 when we took off. Either the gauge has been recalibrated, or needs to be recalibrated as both Squaw Valley Creek and the McCloud River were considerably lower than on any previous trip I'd done, including one where the gauge read 1200 when we put on. I'd guestimate it was 1/3 lower than said previous trip, if not half the flow.
Forums -> Hazards -> Wood on Squaw Valley Creek Page 1 of 1