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 Topic:  Wood and McKays Road 

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Posted: Apr 7, 2019Post Subject: Wood and McKays Road
There is some new wood in the river. One log hanging over the top drop of Beginners Luck, not in play. One log between Body Slam and Old Boards Crossing across the river- just able to float over it at 1000 CFS. Another log across the river in a class II riffle below Old Boards Crossing- eddy out left above it, we just managed to squeeze our rafts under it. Two logs in the top right of White Out, not in play if you enter left. And no wood at all below White Out all the way to McKays. McKays Road, however, is deeply rutted and requires some clearance and 4WD- think Toyota truck.
Forums -> Hazards -> Wood and McKays Road Page 1 of 1