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 Topic:  Main Tuolumne level and options 

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Posted: Apr 25, 2019Post Subject: Main Tuolumne level and options
Hey folks,

I'm with a group of oar-boaters trying to run the Main Tuolumne and we were thing of a 2 day trip this Saturday-Sunday. Unfortunately, flows are looking to be about 5000, which borders medium-high and high water. We're competent (Grand Canyon, Rogue, etc) but unsure of this run at these flows - none of us have done it. Anyone care to weigh in on whether its a good idea to bail?

IF WE BAIL on the Tuolumne, what would you recommend as a good overnight trip (preferably class III-IV, we'll run V's if they're 'safe') somewhere in California? We're in Tahoe, but willing to drive. It seems like flows are just skyrocketing everywhere, so it would obviously need to be runnable now in an oar-raft.

Posted: Apr 25, 2019Post Subject: Big water T trip
Have run several times over the years up to 6K. Rock Garden and Nemesis open up. Sunderland gets flippy (stay left). Rams Horn has a big hole at the bottom that can be missed right. Evangelist has several (closely spaced) big holes that deserve a look. The left line at Clavey opens up. The big rock at the bottom becomes dangerous. The ledge at the bottom of the first drop in Grays becomes a hole you really need to miss left. Time on the water (if right side up) is fast enough to allow scouting time. It is a fun one day trip at these flows. If you don't have flip lines for your boats, get some. Yes, it was very exciting the first time.
Posted: Apr 26, 2019
It's going to be at least 7,000 at Merals this weekend, with the Clavey putting in at least another 1,500 CFS. I would recommend finding another run.
Posted: Apr 30, 2019Post Subject: Where else to go
Merced sounds like your best bet. Start at the bridge and go past Ned's, great run lots of fun not "dangerous" even at 3000+ cfs. The Moke Devils Nose is also excellent but more difficult to get to..
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