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Posted: Oct 14, 2020Post Subject: FORDYCE CREEK FALL 2020 RELEASES (CA)
Right now, it is looking like Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) will begin to release water on Fordyce the week of 10/19/2020. They will gradually increase flows and monitor turbidity but are hoping to ultimately hit a release of 400-450 cfs. PG&E will provide American Whitewater updates once releases have started and an assessment of turbidity has been made.

PG&E worked with American Whitewater and Trevor Tanhoff to clarify access options for Fordyce this Fall. Please be aware of these options outlined below and plan accordingly. Future access as PG&E prepares for the Lake Fordyce Dam Seepage Mitigation Project during the years of 2021 to 2024 will depend on our actions this Fall.

Provided by Trevor Tanhoff and PG&E

Due to Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) maintenance projects at both Fordyce Lake and Spaulding Lake Dams coupled with Covid 19 distancing, access issues have arisen for Fall boating opportunities. The run can still be done with a bit more effort. Please adhere to the following:

Spaulding recreation area is closed for the entire 2020 season. Absolutely NO access to the day use area and boat ramp is permitted. This includes parking on the road into the area (this is private property) or foot traffic of any kind. Walking up from boat ramp to Hwy 20 would be considered trespassing and the roads and gates are being patrolled. However, there is egress from the north shore of Spaulding lake via the Spaulding Lake Trail to Forest Service road 18 (Bowman Lake Rd) if you are willing to hike out.

To set shuttle, drive up Forest Service road 18 (Bowman Lake Rd) for 3.5 miles to a pullout on the right that is parking for the Spaulding Lake Trail. If you pass Fuller Lake you have gone too far. To reach the put in return to Hwy 20 and take the normal route to the put in. You will find a new gate at the “dam keepers cabin” about a half mile from the dam. There are 2 possible ways to the creek with equal effort.

1- Park at the gate without blocking it or Committee Trail (Fordyce jeep trail) and paddle on the lake to the near side of the isthmus and then walk up and over a short hill to the past parking and then down to the normal put in below the dam. Do NOT paddle around the isthmus to the dam and near any PG&E equipment developed infrastructure.

2- Park at the gate without blocking it or Committee Trail (Fordyce jeep trail) and hike down the Committee Trail to the left of the gate about a quarter mile until emerging from the trees. From here you can traverse to the right to the top or bottom of “Eraser Head” rapid.
Upon completion of the run paddle approximately 2 miles from the head of the lake along the north shore until reaching a subtle ridge that separates the small drainage with orange buoys and the penstock that comes down the hill. Do not paddle within the buoyed-off area or access any developed infrastructure around the powerhouse. Walk up the subtle ridge until it bisects the Spaulding lake trail. Follow trail for approximately 1 mile to the trailhead on Forest Service road 18 (Bowman Lake Rd). Do NOT hike past the Powerhouse west of the penstock.

Do NOT under any circumstance enter the Lake Spaulding day use or boat ramp areas or go near the dams or powerhouses.

It is critical that recreationists adhere to these closures and non-restricted access points in order to maintain access for recreational opportunities during PG&E's dam maintenance period and Covid related distancing practices.
Posted: Nov 4, 2020Post Subject: Latest from PG&E 11-4-20
Lasted update from PG&E on Fordyce - a crew is heading up to today and hopefully they will increase to 450 cfs
Posted: Nov 4, 2020Post Subject: New hazards
There is some hidden wood at the base of split falls, roughly 3-4" in diameter and 8-10' long extending out from the base of the falls. Not visible at 350+cfs. Also, Spaulding res is very low and 90% of the manky rapids are un-runnable necessitating portaging in the very sandy lake bed slowing progress at the end of the day. Plan accordingly.
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