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Posted: Sep 2, 2021Post Subject: PIT 5 (CA) RELEASES ARE A GO FOR SEPTEMBER 2021
American Whitewater has confirmed with Pacific Gas & Electric that recreational releases will take place on Pit 5 for September 11th and 12th (10am to 4pm at 1200 cfs). PG&E will open restrooms at both the Madesi put-in and the James B. Black take-out. However, in an effort to protect resources and align with the forest closure order for all California USFS National Forests, PG&E will not open Madesi for overnight camping. Obviously, with the current wildfire season no open fires, stoves or grills will be allowed.

PG&E provided the following suggestions for alternative camping and/or lodging:

“Northshore Campground and Cassel Campground are open but they operate through a reservation system so those would need to be made in advance. I am not sure what the status of the BLM campground below Pit 1 is but that might be an option. Other than those locations there are a few motels in Burney (Green Gables, Burney Falls Lodge, Shasta Pines) There are also lodging options in Redding (Hampton Inn on Larkspur Ln, Red Lion on Hilltop Ave).”

One final note, while egress from the river at Big Bend Bridge is within the public easement the usual parking area northwest of the Big Bend Bridge is USFS land and it is subject to the current closure order. Paddlers will need to make alternative parking plans, arrange for a shuttle bunny or run the entire reach to take out at the James B. Black powerhouse.

Forums -> Flows -> PIT 5 (CA) RELEASES ARE A GO FOR SEPTEMBER 2021 Page 1 of 1