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 Topic:  Fish and Game 

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trinity alps
Posted: Mar 23, 2008Post Subject: Fish and Game
I saw the following message while driving back on the scott yesterday...

Kayakers and Rafters:
There are 2 Rotary Screw Traps (staggered river right and river left) operationg approximately 1/8 of a mile below Pat Ford Creek and approximately 1.25 miles above Scott Bar.
Cables are located immediately upstream of the traps. Please use caution when navigating around both traps.

For more information contact the California Department of Fish and Game, Anadromous Fisheries Resource Assessment and Monitoring Program at: 530-842-2168"

I have no idea what that means so I posted the hole thing
Site Admin
Posted: Oct 1, 2008
I called that number and got the following information. These Rotary Screw Traps are out of the river at this time, however the schedule calls for them to be put back into the river on Feb 12, 2009, and removed again Jul 2 or 8, anyway early July. So, at the time of year that the Scott is runnable, expect these screw traps to be present.
Forums -> Hazards -> Fish and Game Page 1 of 1