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 Topic:  05-04-2024 Hazard Giant Gap 

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Posted: May 4, 2024Post Subject: 05-04-2024 Hazard Giant Gap
From Joni Randall -

Safety hazard in Giant Gap of North Fork of the American* I received a message from a member of the public that wishes to remain anonymous, asking me to alert others. Since I work for the Bureau of Land Management and this is one of our Wild & Scenic River Sections, and I often post on hazards, it makes sense.

They wrote: "Can you post something in Facebook for kayak safety on giant gap? I want to remain anonymous. We lost a boat with a rope on it. The boat is on left side of the rock at the exit of what awetstate calls Fun One. The rope is wrapped around the rock and is probably in the right side exit boof." Everyone is okay. "If someone boofs cleanly thru the right they'll probably be fine, a swimmer could be in trouble. The rapid can also be run on far left."
Forums -> Hazards -> 05-04-2024 Hazard Giant Gap Page 1 of 1