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 Topic:  Flows Lower Than Estaminet 

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trinity alps
Posted: Apr 14, 2008Post Subject: Flows Lower Than Estaminet
Early in the season the estaminet is higher than the actual flow. Later when it warms up it could be the other way around. This is because Coffee Creek flows from the west with most of its water coming from its north side via Sugar pine creek, battle creek and Union Creek. Coffee Creek forms high in the lush trinity alps a few hundred yards from the sf salmon in bigflat. Meanwhile the Upper trinity water shed coming of Mt. Eddy is to the east of the trinity alps and because of this it's far dryer. It also has a lot of southern exposer so it's season will likely start sooner and finish faster than coffee creek. I would suggest calling coffee creek store and asking them how big it is compared to the river.
Forums -> Flows -> Flows Lower Than Estaminet Page 1 of 1