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 Topic:  South Fork American 2000 CFS 

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Posted: Aug 2, 2008Post Subject: South Fork American 2000 CFS
I noticed that the South Fork at Chili Bar was ramped up to 2000 CFS on Wed. 7/31 and the next day too, from 4-6pm. Is this going to be a regular event? Anyone in the know?
Site Admin
Posted: Aug 4, 2008
I discern no particular pattern for these surges. I expect most of them are based on demand for electricity from SMUD's customers, so hotter days are more likely to result in a surge. But I'm betting there's no absolute rule here.

My (limited) understanding is that SMUD also releases part of the time on instructions from ISO (California's Independent System Operator), which balances water/electricity needs across the State. The result would be a surge like you've been seeing, often rocketing up to 2500 or 3000 cfs - and often ramping up just before dark . Since ISO balances needs impartially between operators, I know of no way to know when they'll call on SMUD.
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