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 Topic:  Log jambs on Little Cow Crk. 

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Posted: Feb 26, 2009Post Subject: Log jambs on Little Cow Crk.
My buddy and I paddled Little Cow Crk. today. Not sure what the flow was at but it was a bit higher than the first time I paddled this stretch 3 years ago. Put in on Philips Cut-Off Rd. behind Oak run. Take out 8 miles at a friends house on Hwy.299. The run had changed quit a bit. It was full on class IV none stop for the first 4 miles. The largest drop was maybe pushing class V at this level. Unfortunately we had to portage it because 200 feet above it was a killer log jamb, and right on top of the drop itself was another. 9 major get you killed tree situations up there right now. Use due caution. Most of the trees are river wide blockages. Due to the low water situation for the last couple of years there is a lot more vegetation growing right up to the banks and hanging into the stream. Despite all the logs, I would do this run again. Not for class III boater though. Rapids on the upper 4 mile stretch are steep and continuous. Little to no eddies. If you swim this section at the flows that we had today. It would be a pounding, and you probably would not be able to catch up with your boat.
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Forums -> Hazards -> Log jambs on Little Cow Crk. Page 1 of 1