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 Topic:  ah-di-na flow online 

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nick sinderson
Posted: Nov 17, 2009Post Subject: ah-di-na flow online
having the flow at ah-di-na online is your ticket to a good time on this run. i've done this run three times and with never less than 650 cfs at ah-di-na. I'll venture a guess (remember this is a guess) that if you have 400 cfs at ah-di-na a hard shell would be good to go. 600 would be better and 1,000 was working scratching the edge of kicken. Thanks to the powers that be.
Posted: Nov 27, 2009Post Subject: Thanks
Thanks to ever got the guage working at Ah-Di-Na.I did this run last october when they were releasing water to fix a turbine.Put in above ash camp about 1/4 mile and took out at ah-di-na.Great run!!!!!I think the flow was about 600 cfs and was great.
Forums -> Flows -> ah-di-na flow online Page 1 of 1