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 Topic:  New "new" log at Bogus 

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Posted: Mar 4, 2010Post Subject: New "new" log at Bogus
There's a large log broached in Bogus on top of the center rock that creates the "Toaster" slot. This is a new log from the one that was removed earlier this year.

It doesn't got into the Toaster slot itself, but instead extends pretty far river left. At 1600 yesterday, it was at the perfect height to pin someone in the right slot of the left channel.

None of us saw it until we were already through, but looking back up at the rapid, the hazard is obvious.

This slot has caused trouble in the past, especially for swimmers and pinned rafts.

If you run the standard left line at Bogus, proceed with caution. This log is in play for that route, and could cause trouble if you get blown to the right side of the left channel.
Posted: Mar 15, 2010Post Subject: Log in Bogus?
We have run this section the last two weekends at around 1100 cfs and there is no log evident. It must have washed out or has been removed by others.
Posted: May 4, 2010
We didn't see the log either, however, there is now a throw bag and approximately 20' of rope in the river left rocks underwater, near the toaster. We tried a variety of vector pulls to dislodge the throw bag, but were unable to remove it.
Posted: May 4, 2010Post Subject: Serious Entrapment Hazard in "the toaster" at Bogus
rope which came untangled while running Bogus Thunder on North Fork of the American got wedged in the rapid. the rope from the best of our knowledge is wraped around rocks directly in the bottom of the toaster. there is roughly 20 to 30 feet of rope. after hours of trying to remove it the decision was made to cut it and hope for the best.
Site Admin
Posted: May 5, 2010
Bill Deitchman of CA Parks sent the following (giving a few extra details and a plea):

"Please be advised that a potential hazard has been reported at Bogus Thunder.  A private boater is aware of a 15 – 20 foot section of a throw bag that is present at the left side of Bogus Thunder - to the left side of “the TOASTER”.  It is likely that the “bag and float” part of the throw bag is underwater as well as a good length of the line.  This boater tried for two or so hours yesterday afternoon (with flows approximately at 2,200 cfs) to remove the line but was unable to do so.  He reports that the line might be a hazard to anyone who might “swim” in the “Toaster” or in the far left channel.  The line had “spilled” from a throw-bag attached to another boat (not with his group) when it had run the slot just to the right of the “toaster” (just right of center channel).  Once the line got jammed underwater, the raft was unable to proceed down-stream and the boaters in the raft eventually cut the line.  Unfortunately, the remainder of the line was left in the rapid.  (The current has likely swung the line to the left side of the channel).  Please notify others as to this concern and please take extra precautions when boating, especially in regards to containment of throw-bag lines. As the water recedes, attempts are planned to remove the line.  In the meantime, please be aware of this potential danger."
Forums -> Hazards -> New "new" log at Bogus Page 1 of 1