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 Topic:  Clear Crk. drowning below Whiskeytown 

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Posted: Jul 19, 2010Post Subject: Clear Crk. drowning below Whiskeytown
Three people who were not white water experienced made a fatal attempt to run Seltzer rapid on clear creek. One didn't make it. 13 year old young girl. The other two, an 11 year old young girl and the father of the victim where rescued by chopper.
For those who are unfamiliar with this area. Seltzer rapid is the large gorge drop next to clear creek road. Just up stream for the new parking and viewing area that has been built at the tail end of this rapid. It is not a section to risk running. Even most of my highly skilled paddle buddies, including myself, have looked this drop over and have opted not to run it. Its not that it isn't runnable. Its just the consequences are just to big for messing up.
This rapid has claimed the lives of quite a few people before Seltzer dam was removed. The rapid has not changed much since that removal. It is wise to just portage and not think of running this section. Yesterdays events are just another reminder of that. And the fact that those involved had very limited knowledge of the creek. And compounded with the wrong equipment and no paddling skills to guide their judgment.Resulted in a loss that should have never happened. My condolences to the family. And this word of caution to my paddle friends who are not familiar with this stretch of clear creek.
Posted: Jul 20, 2010Post Subject: Clear Crk. drowning below Whiskeytown
Yeah, Pool floaties (1 cheapie inflatable kayak), no helmets, and 1 PFD (among 3 people). I feel real bad for the Mom of the little girl, but people tried to warn the Dad away and everything. I've looked at that Gorge, too, and then walked around it.
Just don't know sometimes.

Mark T.
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