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 Topic:  Clear Creek (above Whiskeytown) 

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Posted: May 12, 2005Post Subject: Clear Creek (above Whiskeytown)
The access for the "Stop Rock Run" (above French Gulch County Park) is apparently gone. Last year (or maybe the year before) a private party purchased the land where the "Stop Rock" acces was located. He indicated that he didn't want people there becuase of a potential for trash (interesting concept, in view of the condition of his homesite, just down the road). So we started putting in at NAWA ( a school for teens), just upstream. However, this spring, we've been informed that NAWA does not wish to have paddlers crossing their land any longer. We were told that they had liabilty concerns, but have since heard that the real reason has to do with limiting contact between their students and the public (quit giving those kids beer and weed, folks!).
So, at this time, there is no legal access for this run. It is provate property all the way down to the County Park. This was a good beginner class 2+ - 3 run that was very scenic. The run downstream of French Gulch park (put in below the Class 6 cascade!) is still an option, but this is much flatter, with one easy 3 only.

Mark T.
Forums -> Access Issues -> Clear Creek (above Whiskeytown) Page 1 of 1