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 Topic:  Rocks shifted = new hazard 

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Posted: Feb 27, 2012Post Subject: Rocks shifted = new hazard
Just wanted to give folks a heads-up that there is a new hazard in the Tobin section of the NF Feather.

Location: It's in the middle of the Tobin section. I've heard this rapid called "Tunnel of Love" or "The Green Room". The sequence leading up to it goes: The rapid with the undercut on river right; then the rapid with the really nice "Sky Boof" on river right, then THIS CHANGED RAPID. Below this rapid is boogie water for about 1/2mi that reminds me of the Miracle Mile on Cherry Ck, then you arrive at Piece of Risa.

This rapid historically has had three possible lines -- depending on water level.
Option 1: At fish flow (~250-500cfs), you *USED* to be able to run a slot where you enter on river left, get shunted towards the middle, and finish by moving with the brunt of the water towards river right.
Option 2: At LOW fish flow (<250cfs?), you used to be able to run underneath an archway of rocks in the center called the "Tunnel of Love". This then dropped you into the middle "shunt" of option 1, and you finished by moving right in the same manner.
Option 3: At standard release levels (800cfs+), you can run a river right line over a double boof, staying right the whole time.

The HAZARD: The rocks on river LEFT have shifted. ALL the water in the river left line (The Former Option 1) now goes into a sieve. This line is unrunnable. Fortunately, the river right line with the double boof (Option 3) is still good to go. I don't know about the center line (through the "Tunnel", Option 2) because it was underwater this weekend. It's possible that that line is screwed up, too now.

Have fun; play safe.

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