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Slate Creek Above North Yuba

*Slate Creek - Land Slide to North Yuba*

The river starts with some read and run rapids that are pretty manky.  After about a mile the river drops into a gorge that is noticeably steeper.  There are several big rapids in this section.  The steep section ends at the confluence with Brushy Creek.  There were a few more note worthy rapids but for the most part it was read and run from Brushy Creek down.

Take-out - from La Porte Rd turn on to Scales Rd, and follow it to a "T".  Turn right; the road is steep and narrow and required 4 wheel drive.  Park just above the confluence with North Yuba.

Put-in - from take-out, return to the "T" and head the other direction; this is Scales Rd.  We parked at a land slide that had washed out the road.

Narrative copyright 2012 Ben Coleman.  This page was last updated May 6, 2012.