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Help - Login and Logout


If you haven't already done so, please visit the signup page and register for a new Dreamflows account.  You can't login to Dreamflows until you've successfully registered.

Assuming you have registered: to login, enter your Username and Password.  Your Username isn't case sensitive, but your Password is.  This means that if you registered as Boris (say) you'll be able to login as boris, or BORIS, etc.  However, you must enter your Password exactly as you supplied it when you registered (or last changed it).

If you check the Keep me logged in box, then your login session will remain active until you logout, even if you only visit Dreamflows occasionally.  This option is intended for the case where you have exclusive access to the computer you're using.  If it's a shared computer, then in general it's better not to check this box.  This is because someone else (perhaps without even realizing it) could then masquerade as you.

If you don't check Keep me logged in, your session will remain active only as long as you keep accessing Dreamflows web pages (or until you logout).  In this case, if your session remains idle for longer than 2 hours, you'll be automatically logged out.  If this happens you will most likely lose any work you were doing at the time (e.g. posting a message to the bulletin board).

If you've forgotten your username, click on the Forgotten Username link on the login page.  If you enter an Email Address which matches your address of record, then your Username will be emailed to you.  However, if you enter an invalid email address, then the system will silently do nothing.  This is to discourage spammers from trying to discover active Dreamflows email addresses.

If you've forgotten your password, click on the Forgotten Password link on the login page.  You'll be able to reset your password after a process similar to signing up for a new account.

Once you've logged in, your Username will be displayed on the right side of the page, just under the blue banner. 

Dreamflows keeps track of your login session via a cookie, which is set in your browser.  This means that you will stay logged in no matter how you navigate around the web and back again.  You may open multiple concurrent windows into Dreamflows from the same browser.  However, if you switch to a different browser (even on the same computer), your original login session will most likely not be recognized and you'll have to login again.  By default, the original login session will then be terminated.  Instead, to allow concurrent login sessions from different computers/browsers, set Allow Multiple Logins in your profile to Yes.


To logout, click on the Logout link in the blue banner.  This terminates your session, and updates your last visit time.  This means that next time you login, only Bulletin Board messages which were posted since your logout time will be marked as "new".

Note that if you forget to logout and your session remains idle for longer than 2 hours, then you'll be automatically logged out.  In this case, your last visit time will not be updated, or will be updated to the time of the last topic read, depending on the Automatic Logouts setting in your profile.  See the help page for details.

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