Dreamflows Daily Report - Fri, Dec 13, 2019
Four Corners

"I can't boat everyday, but I can always Dream"
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Colorado Rivers FRI THU WED 
 Time   12/13/19     12/12/19     12/11/19    BBS  Comments/Links
ColoradoNear Kremmlingnoon490 470 430 
ColoradoNear Dotseronoon925 775 750 
ColoradoNear CO-UT State Linenoon4,100 4,000 4,400 2017Ruby/Horsethief Permit + Westwater Permit + Water 37°F
GreenNear Greendalenoon2,700 2,700 2,700Water 42°F + Lodore Permit
YampaAt Steamboat SpringsnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
YampaNear MaybellnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
YampaAt Deerlodge ParknoonFrozen Frozen FrozenYampa Canyon Permit
GreenNear Jensennoon2,500 2,500 2,600Water 39°F
EagleAt Red CliffnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
EagleNear MinturnnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
EagleBelow Gypsumnoon205 200 180 
Castle CreekAt Aspenn/a  Site currently not operational
Roaring ForkBelow Maroon Creeknoon130 120 115 
FryingpanNear Thomasvillenoon27 27 25 
Roaring ForkAt Glenwood Springsnoon550 525 470 
CrystalAbove Avalanche Creeknoon60 55 35 
GunnisonBelow Gunnison Tunnelnoon1,550 1,550 1,550 
DoloresBelow McPhee Reservoirnoon40 40 40 
DoloresAt Bedrocknoon46 54 60Water 35°F
San MiguelNear Placervillenoon62 37 19 
San JuanAt Pagosa Springsnoon69 42 44 
AnimasAt SilvertonnoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
AnimasAt Durangonoon180 155 155 
North PlatteNear NorthgatenoonFrozen Frozen Frozen 
South PlatteNear Lake Georgenoon65 66 66 
No. South PlatteAt Grantnoon155 240 280 
Clear CreekAt Goldennoon42 38 37 
No. Saint Vrain CrAbove Buttonrock Resn/a  Site currently not operational
Boulder CreekNear Orodellnoon8 9 11 
South Boulder CrAbove Gross Reservoirnoon17 17 17 
South Boulder CrBelow Gross Reservoirnoon8 8 8 
Cache La PoudreAt Canyon Mouthnoon0 0 0 
Lake CreekAbove Twin Lakes Resnoon185 185 175 
Clear CreekAbove Clear Creek Resn/a  Flow currently unavailable
ArkansasBelow Graniten/a  Seasonal site, currently not reporting
ArkansasNear Nathropn/a  Seasonal site, currently not reporting
ArkansasAt Parkdalen/a  Seasonal site, currently not reporting
Rio GrandeNear Lobatosnoon260 270 270Water 35°F
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