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Topic: Chili Bar - 2014 Release Predictions
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Forum: ArchivePost time: Sep 20, 2014Post Subject: Smoke situation on SFA
Can anyone speak to the air quality in and around Coloma this weekend? Thinking of heading there Sunday, but would love to know if it's going to be super smokey and make alternative plans.
Topic: Fordyce flows
Views: 3815
Forum: ArchivePost time: Aug 25, 2014Post Subject: Fordyce releases in 2014?
I was just in the Meadow Lake area and had some distant views of Fordyce Lake. Seems like they're still storing plenty of water. Anyone know if they're likely to have boatable releases before winter, ...
Topic: Gauge reading
Views: 2961
Forum: FlowsPost time: Apr 19, 2012Post Subject: Gauge reading
Drove down to Kingvale to look at the gauge this morning. Was reading 16" at 9 am. Not sure how to correlate this to the Cisco gauge, as it's probably more than an hour downstream of Kingvale ...
Topic: Bad new log in innocuous spot
Views: 4070
Forum: ArchivePost time: Jul 19, 2010Post Subject: Bad new log in innocuous spot
Did Fordyce on Friday (7/16) and came across a bad log. It's the drop directly below the only place on the run where an old log spans the river about four feet above the water. After you duck under ...
Topic: Road update
Views: 4013
Forum: ArchivePost time: May 25, 2009Post Subject: Road update
As of yesterday, the put-in road was accessible to 4WD vehicles to within about 1/2 mile of Fordyce Summit. We hiked in for about 45 minutes, then paddled across Fordyce Lake for another 20 minutes. ...
Topic: Is Fordyce really running?
Views: 7222
Forum: ArchivePost time: May 12, 2009Post Subject: Is Fordyce really running?
So is this for real? It'd be nice if we had a spring season this year? This isn't a continuation of the flow study is it?
Topic: Gauge doesn't like high water
Views: 4229
Forum: ArchivePost time: May 5, 2009Post Subject: Gauge doesn't like high water
It's down again...
Topic: u.s. yuba
Views: 4403
Forum: ArchivePost time: May 2, 2009Post Subject: Visual on Upper S Yuba
In case anyone's wondering, it's HUGE right now. Probably close to 1000 cfs above Castle Creek. Oh, and it's also just about freezing out, so conditions are a bit south of optimal.
Topic: cisco to spaulding is harder than it's rated
Views: 5865
Forum: GeneralPost time: May 22, 2008Post Subject: cisco to spaulding is harder than it's rated
The issue with this run is the many highly questionable drops. If you assume that they're all portages, you might call what's left over Class IV-V with Class VI portages. However, if you're gonna ...
Topic: Research equipment in water, Farad run.
Views: 7266
Forum: HazardsPost time: May 2, 2008Post Subject: New obstructions below Farad
Beware of this potential hazard reported by a research team near the state line. Hardshells should be able to float around these obstructions, though depending on flows, rafts may need to make a ...
Topic: So how did we get flow data for Cisco?
Views: 6256
Forum: FlowsPost time: Apr 20, 2008Post Subject: So how did we get flow data for Cisco?
This is great! No more driving up to the Summit to see what the Kingvale stretch is doing. Has this gauge always been there? Anyone have an idea what the cfs data mean in relation to the old stick ...
Topic: South Feather Releasing Now!
Views: 6950
Forum: ArchivePost time: Sep 22, 2005Post Subject: South Feather Releasing Now!
I have not been living/boating in Cali for very long, so it's surprising to me that I knew that the S.F. Feather was releasing last weekend and so few others did. Basically, my friend here in Truckee ...
Topic: South Feather Releasing Now!
Views: 6950
Forum: ArchivePost time: Sep 22, 2005Post Subject: S Feather Releases
So here's what we know about releases from the Little Grass Valley Reservoir for the remainder of the fall: 250 cfs around the clock beginning friday EVENING (please don't try to run the river on ...
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