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 Topic:  Upper Sacramento Box Canyon/Cantara Loop 

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Posted: Feb 20, 2007Post Subject: Upper Sacramento Box Canyon/Cantara Loop
Upper Sacramento Box Canyon/Cantara Loop

There is a tree across the entire stream at Mossbrae Falls. At 3.7 on the gauge you can ferry from the normal left route to portage on the right. This will be more difficult at higher water.

Bill Cross
Posted: May 1, 2007Post Subject: Logs at Mossbrae
Thanks, Chuck, for the heads-up about the tree at Mossbrae. On my run this past Saturday, 4/28, I actually encountered three different logs at or near the falls.

The first two logs come right together just upstream from the RR bridge, which is in turn maybe a hundred yards above Mossbrae Falls. The first two logs seem to be a pair -- an alder tree with a second log just 10 feet below it. At 3.8 on the Cantara gauge (725 at Delta) both were right at the river surface, and both completely blocked the deep channel down the left. At higher flows it may be possible to float down the shallower right channel, but it was too shallow to float at our flow. In addition, there is a small-diameter fir or cedar in this right-side channel as well. The first of the two logs blocking the left channel -- the alder tree -- is visible from upstream, but the second is pretty much hidden behind the first. For this reason, don't be tempted to try to boat under the right-hand end of the alder: the second log of the pair is just downstream. We found it easiest to stop on the shallow cobble island on the right side of the main channel (this island may be covered at higher flows) and drag our boat down the shallow right channel, boosting over the small fir/cedar that blocks that side.

The other tree is right in the riffle at Mossbrae -- I'm assuming this is the log that Chuck originally posted about? His original posting about this hazard still holds. We actually chose to squeeze down to the left of this log, but don't count on making this move without scouting carefully first. At many flows it may still be best to portage on the right.
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