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 Topic:  River Ranger job on Tuolumne closes April 11, 2012 

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Posted: Apr 10, 2012Post Subject: River Ranger job on Tuolumne closes April 11, 2012
APPLY BY APRIL 11, 2012!!

The job is now on Avue!! Follow the instructions below to apply.


Please help us outreach our GS 4 Forestry Technician (Recreation) River Ranger Position. The job will be located on the Groveland Ranger District in Groveland, CA. Government housing may be available. The application will be on the Avue system https://www.avuecentral.com/casting. Use the following instructions:

1.Go to https://www.avuedigitalservices.com/casting
2.Click on “Search for Jobs”
3.Click “Search by filters”
4.Scroll down to “Series” and type in “462” and click “Add”
5.Scroll down to “Grade” and type “4” in each box and click “Add”
6.Scroll up to the top right of the page. Under “Search Filters” click “find jobs”
7.When the list of jobs appears scroll down to “Forestry Technician (Recreation)Salary: $27,990.00 - $36,384.00 Ann #: OCRT-462-4-REC-DT” and click on the red “Forestry Technician (Recreation)”
8.A new screen will appear. Go to Apply now and click on “Returning User Login” or “New User Registration” to start your application.

To be considered for this position please apply by April 11, 2012

During the application process you will need to select Groveland, CA as the location.

Call contacts listed below with any questions.

This position will work with our lead River Ranger, volunteers, and staff to conduct project trips on the Tuolumne Wild and Scenic River and other duties as assigned.


The duties of this position will include:

•Must be able to raft Class IV+ whitewater, ability to kayak class IV+ whitewater is a plus, experience on the Tuolumne River is also a plus, Cherry Creek experience is a plus
•Plan and implement the logistics required for completion of work in association with river patrols and river-based projects.
•Inspects assigned areas to determine compliance with regulations or specifications. Maintains daily records of sites inspected and user group contacts.
•Performs river campsite and prescription surveys, prepares written evaluations and reports, and makes inspections for fire and safety hazards.
•Oversees routine maintenance at dispersed recreation sites including site cleanup and naturalizing and manual treatment of noxious weeds.
•Responsible for organizing and establishing low impact base camp when implementing river patrols and support of river-based projects.
•Operates a 16-foot oar/paddle hybrid raft, kayak, cataraft, or comparable water craft on Class IV+ rapids to provide public contact, carry passengers and supplies, and enforcement of regulations governing river use.
•Maintains and makes minor repairs on rafts, rafting and camping equipment, safety equipment, and river gear.
•Assures recreation sites and areas are operated and maintained in accordance with operation and maintenance plans. Schedules daily activities, establishes maintenance schedules, and inspects cleanup operations based on recreation operations, maintenance plans, and inventory/planning systems.
•Reports on conditions and use of sites and areas.
•Provides detailed information to visitors about river etiquette and recreation opportunities. Assists agency law enforcement personnel with violation information.
•May serve as a Forest Protection Officer, and issue warnings and violation notices as necessary.
•Basic knowledge of natural systems and natural resource management is required.
•Knowledge of and skill in outdoor survival in order to work and live for 3-8 days at a time under primitive conditions in remote areas.

Please contact Dusty Vaughn at 209-962-7825 x525 or Vern Shumway at 209-962-7825 x526 with questions.
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