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 Topic:  Gauge seems to read high 

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Posted: Apr 12, 2012Post Subject: Gauge seems to read high
We went in two weekends ago at 8.3 on the dreamflows gauge expecting a fun med+ level. When we got to the actual gauge it was at 8.20, and sadly the flow was identical to last year at 7.95 which was fun but low+.
Posted: Apr 13, 2012Post Subject: gauge is off
I did the run last weekend and the 7.9 internet reading that morning seemed to fit with the 7.9 at the takeout gauge but the actual flow was lower than I remember that same number being last season and in other years. I was tipped off to that by looking at the internet reading months ago. A few years ago I ran it at 7.55 and decided that was the lowest it was runnable at, mainly because of how shallow the class III last half was. But this season the gauge stayed at 7.56 through the dry spells and a friend went up there and said it was way too low to boat. So I would guess adding a few tenths from last season may be in order. Carl
Forums -> Flows -> Gauge seems to read high Page 1 of 1