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 Topic:  Hot Springs closure on E Fork Carson? 

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Posted: Apr 24, 2012Post Subject: Hot Springs closure on E Fork Carson?
Just curious what came about during the meetings regarding the closing of the hot springs area approximately halfway down the Hangman's Run? I'm planning a trip in the next few weeks and need to plan camping accordingly. Thanks!
Posted: Apr 28, 2012Post Subject: No closure
The Forest service posted it's proposed plan a couple weeks ago, there is no closure of the hot springs to camping in it. Here is their proposed action

Hangman’s Bridge to California/Nevada state line – This reach of river is accessed by rafting, hiking and
OHV. There are numerous dispersed camping areas along this reach. The area with the highest concentration of
use and impact to the riparian habitat is at and near the hot springs. Unauthorized roads around the site will be
decommissioned and revegetated, and areas near the hot springs planted with native vegetation. Additional
measures will include requirements for packing out waste and use of camp stoves or coals in fire pans. Signage
explaining resource protection measures will be placed along the river corridor.
A proposed action may be categorically excluded from further analysis and documentation in an environmental
Forums -> General -> Hot Springs closure on E Fork Carson? Page 1 of 1