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 Topic:  Wood on upper McCloud 

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Posted: Sep 5, 2012Post Subject: Wood on upper McCloud
McCloud has 3 large strainers. The first is 100 yards below Big Springs- mandatory portage on river right. Another 100 yards below is the next strainer, which has a 5 foot slot that is open on river right. The last big strainer is 2 miles down river; the log points up on river right where boaters can duck underneath safely. These logs will be in the river for a long time.
Posted: Nov 28, 2012Post Subject: A question.
Back in the 80s, when McCloud first started getting run on a regular basis, the Hearsts tried to stop all boating access to this run. A lawsuit forced the Hearsts to let people boat on "Their" river, and the folks who were caretaking the Hearst property got in the habit of purposely dropping big trees into the river to discourage boaters from coming down there. Although the current batch of trees in the water don't look like they've seen any chainsaw activity, I wonder if the caretakers are "helping" these trees drop exactly across the river with a little arboreal ingenuity....? Anybody noticed any dug out root systems or such?
Posted: Nov 28, 2012Post Subject: Upper MCloud Logs.
I have paddled this section just this last Sept. There is no way that these trees are man assisted in being felled across the river. To even propose this is preposterous. This section has been open to paddlers for quite some time now. And the people at the Hearst property have been very pleasant on every trip that I have done through their property. Even coming out to enquirer about kayaking for themselves. Paddle should take care about insinuating such rummer that could cause hostilities. Please be sure to post facts on issues. That way we all avoid unnecessary access issues in the future.
Posted: Dec 2, 2012Post Subject: trees in upper McCloud
The Hearst's practice of felling logs across the river to discourage kayakers stopped several years ago. A lawyer pointed out that if any kayaker died because of a purposely felled log, the Hearst corporation could be sued for a billion dollars.

Over my last few trips down the McCloud the people on the Hearst estate have been very friendly, although I do not want to stop for lunch on this section.
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nick sinderson
Posted: Mar 29, 2013Post Subject: new wood!
OK first the good news...the logs in the rapid directly downstream of big springs are gone. I didn't notice but one of my boating buddies said they look to have been cut out.
Now the not so good news...3 new down trees are completely blocking the river. All of them required a portage at our flow of 915cfs.
The first tree is between little springs and big springs, in the little ledge drop with the beautiful aerated pool. portage either side but left was easier. The second tree is not far below the longest strecth of whitewater and is signaled by another tree that blocks 90% of the river with a slot on the left (This 90% tree is probably the most dangerous one on the run for a swimmer!)1/4 mile past the 90%er move to the left and portage the river wide tree on on that side. The last one comes directly below the bridge, this one is best portaged on the left as well.
Don't let your gaurd down just yet though as if my memory serves me right there was one more tree in there that had a narrow passage on the right
nick sinderson
Posted: Mar 29, 2013Post Subject: whoops
the 90%er has a slot on the far RIGHT not left
Posted: Apr 19, 2013Post Subject: Strainers
Ran the McCloud 4/18. 3 strainers still present across the river requiring portaging. 3 other strainers present blocking 90% of river. Flow of 850cfs seemed a bit boney.
Posted: Aug 14, 2013Post Subject: log strainer situation 8/10
Ran McCloud on 8/10 at 675cfs. First strainer 1/2 mile below Little Springs at Blue Hole. This deadly obstacle is visible in time, portage on left. This log has been sawn through and will hopefully float out next winter. Next obstacle is the "90%" log about 1/2 mile below Mud Creek entering on right. 90% log is passable on the right. The log just below the bridge reported in a post above has been sawn through and removed as are all the other logs below it all the way to Wyntoon. There are in total something like 15 logs obstructing the river. Please use caution and scout when you can't see clear.
Posted: Nov 25, 2013
Yesterday only one portage on the left around the log at blue hole between little springs and big springs. 90% squeeze by on right and then the two logs you have to zig left and zag right.

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