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 Topic:  Logs across river 

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Posted: Dec 31, 2012Post Subject: Logs across river
The cruise through the big redwoods starting from the newer bridge about 3 miles up from Martin and Shirley's has one log all the way across about 1 mile down. Then in the lower half if you accidentally take a left split there is a log across there too. P.S. there is a crappy book seam deal just above Church Ln. take out where the current shoves you off to the left side and into some bushes as it goes around a mild right turn. Picture is of the first log.
P.S.S. there is another log mid way that has been there for a while that you need to stay way left on when coming up on it.
Not for beginners anymore. Look ahead. This was at a flow of around 900cfs.
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Forums -> Hazards -> Logs across river Page 1 of 1