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 Topic:  Mill Creek Hazard Updates 

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Posted: Jun 5, 2017Post Subject: Mill Creek Hazard Updates
We noticed the following new hazards on Mill Creek this weekend:

A tree has recently fallen almost completely across the river between the rapids identified as Ramirez's Rescue (mi 5.9) and Kitchen Sink (mil 7.3) on awetstate.com. The tree is around a bit of a left turning blind corner. Pushing your way through the branches under the tree in the main flow is possible but not recommended. The cleaner and safer line is a small sneak on river left.

An almost river-wide log is blocking the entrance to the rapid immediately above the rapid identified as Chute (mi 10.8) on awetstate.com. The log can be portaged on the left.

The stick gage on river left identifying the take-out for the Dead Man's Narrows portage seems to have disappeared from recent flooding (or else it was not as visible as I remembered). Two white PVC pipe bases of what were possibly older gages are still standing near the same location, but they aren't nearly as visible. I tried to jam a stick in one of the bases to make it more visible, but I'm sure it will wash away with the next high water event.

Please add corrections or updates if you notice anything different.

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