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 Topic:  McCloud put in lower above Little Springs 

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Posted: Sep 12, 2018Post Subject: McCloud put in lower above Little Springs
Has anybody actually put in below the 'normal' trail put in? I want to take 2 smaller rafts and an IK down, and put in closer to Little Springs. I drove down as far as I could in the past, but didn't try to get to the river from there. I want to try it this next time.

Any exact details would be much appreciated. Did you do it? Was it worth it? Etc... Thanks!
Posted: Nov 20, 2018Post Subject: To Little Springs
Years ago, before the Pine Tree Hollow put in was there, you went to the end of the dirt road, to a fence, and then climbed down a small cliff to get to the river. One time, I was about 1/2 way down the cliff and realized that that it was too quiet. The river was dry as a bone at that point (weird, as there was water upstream below Lower Falls). So we climbed the fence and did hike down to Little Springs. Don't remember much about the hike. We did have inflatable kayaks.
However, I believe that that area beyond the fence is the property of The Hearst Corp, and they are not likely to be very nice to you if they catch you on their land.
Mark T
Posted: Nov 23, 2018Post Subject: Little Springs
Tuesday I got dropped off at the end of the dirt road with my IK. There are a couple no trespassing signs and berms blocking the rd. I hiked over the berms and followed the "deer path/footprints" downstream into the woods. The "trail/deer path" goes to Little Springs it's steep at the end but not too bad for kayaks.
Forums -> Access Issues -> McCloud put in lower above Little Springs Page 1 of 1