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 Topic:  Amazing trip 

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Posted: Apr 5, 2020Post Subject: Amazing trip
Put in: Bair road bridge
Take out: Orick
Orick flow at put in: 1299 cfs
Orick flow at take out: 800 cfs

Lots of slow lazy river first 10 miles.

Class 3+ Super exciting boulder gardens for next 10,miles. Lots of log jams, rock sieves and other high danger elements due to the constricted gorge and gradient. Scouting is crucial as you get closer to redwood falls. Portage required.

Last 10 miles the riverbed widens and the river slows through redwoods.

Be aware, you will have to portage all of your gear at least once and the log jams are always changing.
Forums -> General -> Amazing trip Page 1 of 1