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 Topic:  2020 Gauge differences 

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Posted: Apr 13, 2020Post Subject: 2020 Gauge differences
FYI, ran brush when the gauge read 1.5 and it felt much more like 0. I suspect that some man-made rock structures below the gauge are making it read higher than previous years. I suggest mentally taking 1 or 1.5 off the gauge reading to get a better idea of actual flows. It is conceivable that I just forgot how low 1.5 is, but I don't think so.

There is also a downed tree just above the first drop that is sometimes portaged. It will take some work to clear out and is just below the blind corner (although I don't think it is a real hazard at low flows). I suggest people use the old portage trail on the left just below the fun hard left turn drop until this tree is removed.

There was a tree downed just above triple drop, but I was able to get it mostly out of the way; however, since I was on my own, I was unable to move it completely out of the creekbed. If two or more people run together, please move it to higher ground to keep it from floating down at higher water and causing more problems.

Everything else was basically clear.

Forums -> Flows -> 2020 Gauge differences Page 1 of 1