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 Topic:  Chili Bar - 2024 Recreational Releases 

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Posted: Feb 9, 2024Post Subject: Chili Bar - 2024 Recreational Releases
The B120 report for February predicts that the "Unimpaired Runoff" above Folsom Reservoir will be 2.005 MAF (million acre-feet). This translates to a Below Normal water year type for the rest of February through at least early March.

What this means is that we will get Saturday and Sunday releases until the end of February. Then, in March, expect scheduled releases every day except Wednesday.

The Below Normal designation will persist at least until the next B120 bulletin comes out, around March 8, taking effect March 11. Check back then for an update.

The scheduled release page gives more details, in particular minimum recreational releases in cfs and release times.
Forums -> Flows -> Chili Bar - 2024 Recreational Releases Page 1 of 1