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 Topic:  SF Feather Releases 

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Posted: Dec 28, 2005Post Subject: SF Feather Releases
Little Grass Valley Dam is currently releasing 450 cfs, in an effort to stay ahead of the spill. It'll stay high until we get enough snow (or precipitation stops long enough) for the inflow to drop. It's very hard to predict when this will be of course - got a crystal ball? So please understand that the flow could change at any time, up or down, as the situation changes.

In the meantime, 450 cfs should be a great flow. I ran the section from LGV dam down to the diversion dam at 400 cfs in October and we thought it was Class IV+ to V- overall - and great fun. I imagine 450 cfs is similar. Of course, it'll likely be very cold in that there canyon ...
Forums -> Archive -> SF Feather Releases Page 1 of 1