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 Topic:  Looking for a "Y" or similar 

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Posted: Mar 20, 2009Post Subject: Looking for a "Y" or similar
I'm looking for a used "Y" or something similar. Just getting back into boating and got a playboat but now need a reasonable creeker. Been looking at alot of different boats but many have come out in the last 5 years. I really liked my "Y" cause it didn't have too much volume around the knees. Sold it earlier this year and have been mad at myself since. Let me know if you have suggestions or have a boat for sale. Don't want to spend too much.

Also, want something that has a lower cockpit. My wife will be boating it too. She is about 5'2 and hits her elbows on many of the bigger boats. I know, it's a tall order. Thanks for any input.
Russ Neault
Forums -> Archive -> Looking for a "Y" or similar Page 1 of 1