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 Topic:  Clavey and Tuolumne thermister chains 

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Posted: Apr 30, 2009Post Subject: Clavey and Tuolumne thermister chains
UC Davis reports as follows (aimed primarilly at commercial rafters but the message applies to all river users):

"UC Davis will be monitoring ecologic and geomorphic conditions on Clavey, North Fork Tuolumne and the mainstem during June. In anticipation of this, last weekend we put thermister chains in the river and in the tributaries. You will see these as chains wrapped around a rock or tree. On the other end is a temperature recorder deep in the water. Please ask your passengers not to pull these out (we have chosen inconspicuous spots). We will happily send all of you the data when we are done, but the plan is to post everything on-line."
Forums -> Archive -> Clavey and Tuolumne thermister chains Page 1 of 1