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 Topic:  Trinity River Dam Release for 2010 

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Posted: Apr 11, 2010Post Subject: Trinity River Dam Release for 2010
The releases for all of June should be good for the Pigeon Point surf wave.

Trinity River Dam Release for 2010
date flow in cfs (cubic feet/second)
before April 22 300
22-Apr 300
23-Apr 500
24-Apr 500
25-Apr 500
26-Apr 500
27-Apr 1,500
28-Apr 2,000
29-Apr 2,000
30-Apr 2,500
1-May 4,636
2-May 6,000
3-May 6,000
4-May 6,000
5-May 6,000
6-May 6,000
7-May 5,680
8-May 5,400
9-May 5,130
10-May 4,860
11-May 4,600
12-May 4,600
13-May 4,600
14-May 4,600
15-May 4,600
16-May 4,390
17-May 4,220
18-May 4,080
19-May 3,980
20-May 3,870
21-May 3,760
22-May 3,650
23-May 3,540
24-May 3,430
25-May 3,310
26-May 3,210
27-May 3,100
28-May 2,990
29-May 2,880
30-May 2,760
31-May 2,650
1-Jun 2,550
2-Jun 2,440
3-Jun 2,330
4-Jun 2,220
5-Jun 2,110
6-Jun 2,000
7-Jun 2,000
8-Jun 2,000
9-Jun 2,000
10-Jun 2,000
11-Jun 2,000
12-Jun 2,000
13-Jun 2,000
14-Jun 2,000
15-Jun 2,000
16-Jun 2,000
17-Jun 2,000
18-Jun 2,000
19-Jun 2,000
20-Jun 2,000
21-Jun 2,000
22-Jun 2,000
23-Jun 2,000
24-Jun 2,000
25-Jun 2,000
26-Jun 2,000
27-Jun 2,000
28-Jun 2,000
29-Jun 2,000
30-Jun 2,000
1-Jul 2,000
2-Jul 1,860
3-Jul 1,730
4-Jul 1,600
5-Jul 1,480
6-Jul 1,370
7-Jul 1,160
8-Jul 1,060
9-Jul 963
10-Jul 885
11-Jul 812
12-Jul 750
13-Jul 750
14-Jul 750
15-Jul 750
16-Jul 750
17-Jul 750
18-Jul 750
19-Jul 750
20-Jul 750
21-Jul 750
22-Jul 750
23-Jul 750
24-Jul 750
25-Jul 750
26-Jul 750
27-Jul 750
28-Jul 700
29-Jul 650
30-Jul 600
31-Jul 550
1-Aug 500
2-Aug 450
through Oct 15 450

Alex and Nadya on Pigeon Point wave
Posted: Apr 18, 2010Post Subject: "Normal Water Year"
Tragically, the B.O.R. will fight to designate this a "normal water year" despite all snow sensors being well above the April 1 average. It is already the middle of April, our snowpack hasn't yet begun to melt, and there is another 1-2" of precipitation on the way this week.
Their strategy of spendthrifting every cubic foot per second (or acre-foot as they like to think of it) continues to keep the Trinity an impaired river system. The main reason BOR seems concerned about the wet water year designation is because of abnormally low lake levels in Clair Engle Reservior, which were caused by mismanagement of flows via. deliveries of Trinity water to the central valley over the last several dry years (their own fault). Treating the R.O.D. flows as a major blow to their calculated water deliveries ignores the fact that these "restoration flows" are merely a blip compared to the annual water usage for the Central Valley Project.
It is important that recreational water users of the Trinity river understand how these flows are managed and designated, in hopes that one day the B.O.R. recognizes the significance of Trinity water to our North Coast tourism dollars. Send a message, that we care about that water, care about bolstering our local economy (rather than massive agro-industrial water users of the central valley) and care about the diminishing salmon runs that these flows are supposed to be helping. It's time to stop treating the North Coast as a second fiddle, it is our water and we should have a say in its allocations.
Site Admin
Posted: Apr 18, 2010
A small correction. Unfortunately, while the flow schedule published above by Robin is the one recommended by the Trinity Management Council, it isn't the official schedule. Indeed, so far this season, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation hasn't been following it. I'll publish an update with the official release schedule as soon as I receive it.
Site Admin
Posted: Apr 23, 2010
The official schedule, through the end of September, is now available on the scheduled release page.
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