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 Topic:  South Yuba at Lang Crossing gauge error 

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Posted: May 23, 2010Post Subject: South Yuba at Lang Crossing gauge error
The flow at Lang Crossing should be 250 cfs as part of the controlled release, but is being reported as 500 cfs. Bob Center also notes "They must be reporting the flow incorrectly, otherwise the water balance does not work out. Unless 220 cfs is evaporating". I've checked that Dreamflows is reporting the same data that PG&E is sending, so the problem appears to be with the incoming data.

So be suspicious of the Lang Crossing readings. Most likely the flow really is currently 250 cfs, not 500 cfs.

The Jones Bar gauge (at the Highway 49 bridge) appears to be reporting correctly.
Posted: May 23, 2010Post Subject: Flows in the South Yuba tonight
Canyon Creek flows are definitely lower tonight than on Friday when we opened the gate to get to put in.
As of 6 pm, 5/23, at the confluence So Yuba/Canyon Creek the river now looks raftable so I would think that what you see at Langs may actually be pretty real. It takes several hours for the flow to reach the guage at the 49 bridge. I have been watching the flow increase all day long. Here in Washington the river is much higher than it has been all weekend. Hope to put a raft on it tomorrow!
Posted: May 23, 2010Post Subject: flows
I think the gauge is correct. I went to check out the river this afternoon and hiked down from the put-in. way more water than 500 cfs. some very large logs floating as well as stuck in various places within the first mile. curious if anyone ran the section today.
Posted: May 24, 2010Post Subject: Visual of So Yuba in Washinton
Monday 5/23 - like the river is back to Friday's levels and you can see the higher water line from last night on the beach across from our place. so the "pulse" we started seeing yesterday that went on through last night, is gone today...
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