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 Topic:  Large wood in Clear Creek (Klamath trib) 

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Posted: Mar 21, 2006Post Subject: Large wood in Clear Creek (Klamath trib)
As of March 19, three blockages of large wood are in the upper Clear Creek run in Siskiyou County (Klamath watershed). They will move and reappear elsewhere, possibly on the lower run as well.

Two blockages are located in the tight gorge just upstream of the high bridge and are easily visible from the bridge. As of March 19, they could be seen and negotiated from the river, however, this wood will move during the next increase in flow and will almost certainly lodge somewhere else. If you go to Clear Creek, stop on the high bridge, look upstream and check if there are two wood blockages. There should be one root wad in a small ledge and two longer trunk sections blocking the entire channel just downstream of the ledge. If they are not there as described, be on the lookout: they are downstream somewhere!!! See the photo below.

Another fallen cedar tree spans the entire channel in the vicinity of the No Man's trailhead and is also likely to move next time the water rises. At a flow of 650 cfs, this tree can be safely paddled over.

Keep your eyes open for wood anywhere on the upper and lower runs of Clear Creek this spring.
Posted: Aug 29, 2006
We did this run in June and there were no major wood issues, it all cleared out. Probably some new wood to deal with this next year, but as of june '06 all the '05 and early '06 wood cleared out and make it nice and clean again.
Forums -> Archive -> Large wood in Clear Creek (Klamath trib) Page 1 of 1