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 Topic:  North Trinity Flowin'...Oh Yeah! 

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Posted: Mar 30, 2011Post Subject: North Trinity Flowin'...Oh Yeah!
Hi Chris and all Paddlers around,
This is a message because I've noticed that while the North Trinity Gauge is not reporting CFS, it still reads a valid gauge height, and I found this rating curve on the USGS site which gives you a pretty good idea of whats the deal.
If the link doesn't work I'll break down the skinny...

5' @ Helena ~ roughly 500 cfs (runnable but low)
5.5' ~ 700, a really good class IV(V) flow
6' ~ 1,000 and fluffy bunnies await! (my favorite flow)
6.5' ~ Not on the curve, but looks more fun than fluffy bunnies, maybe a bit scary too.

These are rough guesses from a shit-talker..you fill in the blanks and decide what is right for you. Better yet, look at the curve and decide for yourself

Site Admin
Posted: Apr 1, 2011
Hey Dan (and everyone, really)

Thanks for sharing. That rating table is marked PROVISIONAL, which means it's partly fictional, which is why the USGS doesn't publish flow for the current gauge height (6.65 feet as I write this, which is way above the official rating table, and above even the provisional one). Dreamflows uses the official USGS rating table, consequently Dreamflows hasn't been reporting flow either.

Dreamflows could play mathematical games with the published rating tables to extend them so that it can publish cfs at high gauge heights [even when USGS, CDEC, etc, don't]. I'll ponder that.

For reference, according to the latest USGS NF Trinity at Helena rating table:
5' -> 474 cfs
5.5' -> 724 cfs
6' -> not on their rating table, however 5.95' is 1000 cfs

When I play above-mentioned mathematical games for this particular gauge, I get:
6' -> 1035 cfs
6.5' -> 1419 cfs
7' -> 1880 cfs

I'll leave it like that for a bit (i.e. with extrapolated high-end entries) so that Dreamflows starts reporting Helena flows again. Let me know how that works for you please.
Posted: Apr 7, 2011Post Subject: Access?
Is access an issue at this time?
Posted: Apr 8, 2011Post Subject: snowed in
I live on the East Fork of the North Fork of the Trinity. As of 4-8-11 the Hobo Gulch road has snow at the top of Back Bone Ridge, 4,000 feet. I will try to post when it is open.
Posted: Apr 17, 2011Post Subject: no snow
No snow on the top of the ridge going in to Hobo Gulch on 4/16/11 and the North Fork has good water.
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