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 Topic:  Update on Spaulding Spill 

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Posted: Oct 11, 2011Post Subject: Update on Spaulding Spill
It seems that PG&E and NID plans have changed, and spill flows will be less than initially thought. Watch the Lang's Crossing and Jones Bar gauges. I will pass along updated information as I receive it during the spill period.

Spill started Tuesday, 10/10. (See Dreamflows; Lang's Crossing data is missing, but Jones Bar shows that the spill initially ramped up by about 110 cfs). Spaulding was originally forecasted to spill 300 to 400 cfs, however NID will be reducing the draft on the Bowman Spaulding Canal down from its current flow of 300 cfs. This should reduce the spill rate at Spaulding considerably. Unknown at this time how much NID will cut. Duration of spill is unknown due to work at Spaulding PH, but spill will likely occur up to December.
Site Admin
Posted: Oct 13, 2011
The custom PG&E feed to Dreamflows is currently down, which means that Lang Crossing (amongst other gauges) isn't reporting real time data right now. PG&E is working on this issue and hope to have it resolved soon. In the meantime, they're manually sending me the missing data each day, and I'm loading it into the Dreamflows database when I get back from work. Although the data is delayed, it still enables us to see day-to-day trends.
Forums -> Archive -> Update on Spaulding Spill Page 1 of 1