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Topic: Tuolumne - 2018 Recreational Releases
Views: 7966
Forum: ArchivePost time: Aug 6, 2018Post Subject: Re: Any idea when the flow will be back up?
Anybody know when the flow will be back up? Tests late last week and over the weekend did not come back positively, and significant repairs are required for HPH. Unfortunately we will need to take ...
Topic: Brush Creek Sediment
Views: 3813
Forum: HazardsPost time: Dec 16, 2014Post Subject: Brush Creek Sediment
Do you think that with the recent storms, Brush is going to clean up and be runnable this winter?
Topic: Kayak Pinned in Bogus Thunder
Views: 15427
Forum: HazardsPost time: Mar 6, 2013Post Subject: Kayak Pinned in Bogus Thunder
Oh 4FS... Is the low flow turning Chamberlain's into Cache Creek? Toby, you need to get your ranger costume and wand out... It's lame out there and people need guidance. Not local dude from the PNW, ...
Topic: North Fork American (Chamby) - sieve
Views: 17185
Forum: HazardsPost time: Feb 27, 2013Post Subject: North Fork American (Chamby) - sieve
Seriously? Caution tape... That is some weak sauce. Next thing, you'll want a ranger with wands giving you directions. It's class 4 for a reason. Dan
Topic: NF Stanislaus predicted flows
Views: 8982
Forum: ArchivePost time: Oct 12, 2010Post Subject: Weekend Flows?
Do you think that the flow is going to hold through Saturday the 16th?
Topic: Lost AT paddle at the put-in for 49 to Bridgeport
Views: 3576
Forum: ArchivePost time: Jul 3, 2010Post Subject: Lost AT paddle at the put-in for 49 to Bridgeport
There was a pretty stressful scene there last night as we were wrapping up our run. I think that I drove off and left a black AT bent shaft paddle in the put-in parking lot. If found please give me a ...
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