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 Topic:  Navarro River log hazard and boat wrap 

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Posted: Mar 18, 2007Post Subject: Navarro River log hazard and boat wrap
As of March 3rd
logjam about 8 miles down from Hendy Wood SP. It was at 39 degrees 7.68 ' North Latitude, 123 degrees 34.77' West longitude.
This involved a log across the river (large redwood). The leader pulled out on the right to lift over. I went along the left bank, under the log (barely cleared, with minor contact). This prompted others to follow me, and not the leader. One boat went to follow me, but got turned sideways, and rolled upside down under the tree. They flushed clear and were pulled into shore just downstream.

There was use for a prussic again.
In fact not just a prussic, but the whole Z-drag set-up. On Friday (the day before our trip) someone in another group had wrapped (wrapped, not pinned) a canoe (Dagger Dimension) around a large bush (small willow) in the middle of the current. Despite their efforts, they did not get it out on Friday. During our shuttle some of us walked down to try and extract the boat. It had a line from the canoe to shore and was still very firmly wrapped. Using the existing line, two unwrap rope kits, and over two hours of work, we managed to get it free. Oh, yes, the boat owner did show up to help, but no one else from his group. In the process, a couple of prussic loops were damaged from friction generated heat, melting or deforming the cover layer on the cords. Of note, poly covers are commonly used on some of the lightweight high strength ropes. These are highly prone to friction wear, and heat damage. The prussic cords and the rescue line were too similar in size and it slipped under heavy load. This friction caused damage. In the process of shifting from one anchor point to another for the Z-drag, I had to cut one of the prussic's to release it. By the way, an earlier suggestion about having some climbing "chocks" to anchor into cracks or crevices in rocks rather than having to find a tree, or boulder would not have worked here. There were no rocks (with or without cracks) to use a chock. Another problem we had: no large enough trees within reach of our ropes, in the right direction...... We had to go a fair distance to find a sturdy enough bush to anchor the Z-drag. This is the third wrap/pin rescue I have been involved in on the Navarro during a club trip. More than on any other river we have run in 20 years of monthly trips. Therefore, this must be the most hazardous/dangerous river we have on our schedule..... Yes, Class 1 - 2....
Posted: Jan 6, 2008Post Subject: loglifter (Boontling to flood)
Ran Rancharia Creek Jan 6 with Matt Kuckuk. 1,200cfs or so (Navarro at 3,000). The flood jan 4-5 blew all logs out of the main channel. Many of them are now way up on the bank. The term for this kind of flood in Bootling is "log-lifter" and it fits. Looks like Godzilla came down the riverbed with a fire hose.
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